Smartphone Applications

Instead of diving down into the boat, sit down at the chart table and scribble in the log book, we now have a much easier alternative - use your smart phone!

Positions, air pressure and much else, the modern phones can record automatically for you. Other data can be register with the press of a button! Worst case is that we have to write a few words on the phone. So simple!

If we are close to shore we likely have mobile reception and the data is immediately send to where it is safely stored and can also be seen by friends.

The smartphone also stores the data on the phone in case we need to retrieve it at a later time.

The phone apps also provide help in emergencies. With the press of a button, a VHF pan-pan or Mayday radio script can be displayed. Information such as position, call sign and MMSI numbers is automatically filled in and with the correct radio alphabet characters. Anybody will be able to read of the screen and get a perfect radio message across! In time of distress these extra features can prove incredibly useful.

BoatLogger provides official smartphone apps for Android phones and tablets (download now for free from Google Play) as well as Apple iOS phones and tablets (coming free soon to App Store). Other developers are also creating apps for BoatLogger, so even more functionality is coming!