System Overview

The center of the BoatLogger system is the website. Here all information is permanently stored and the control and settings are made.

The website is also the main communication with other users and the public.

To make the user experience convenient information must flow seamless into and out of the website - usually even without any user intervention. For that several ways of communicating with the website exist:


More and more apps are developed - both by and others - that send data to the log book on the website. The apps do things like automatically record the boat positions via its build in GPS or it can allow the user to enter log book entries about what happens on board. This can be things like watch change, navigational events, sail changes etc. The newest phones also contain atmospheric pressure sensors, relative humidity sensors and temperature sensors to log weather data.

Some of the phone apps can also automatically post photos from the phone to the website.

GPS Loggers

It is nowadays common to install GPS trackers in the boats. These contain a GPS receiver that records the boats position. These are then send via either 3G or satellite to a server. contains several pre-configured interfaces for such loggers (for example deLorme in Reach satellite communicator) and others might be interfaced by contacting our support.

Web Browsers

All information is seen and can be changed via the web browser - if you have the access rights.


This is a special electronic device which supervises the boat day and night - weather you are on board or not.

When on a journey it interfaces via NMEA2000, NMEA183 or Seatalk to your on board instruments to log what it is happening.

When not on a journey it still records things like tank levels, battery conditions and charging, temperature, humidity in the boat etc. It can even attach a camera with movement sensors to see who does what in your boat - even during the time when you are not there. All information is ofcourse send to the site.

The BoatSupervisor is not released for sale yet, but is coming soon.

Site Integration

Many users already have a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or blog account. The site can automatically link up with those sites and exchange information.

API Interface

If none of the above methods are enough for you, there is a programming interface to connect to your site and get or update information. These APIs can also be used by developers who a want to connect to from their own apps. Contact our support for more information.