Ways to use BoatLogger

There are more ways to use BoatLogger than what we can presently present here. The below table shows a basic typical setup for the most common scenarios:

Website Phone App GPS Logger Satellite Logger Boat Supervisor LogBook Printer Functionality

For using BoatLogger as gorgeous site for your boat. Document the boat, the equipment, what happens on board, use the social networking and perhaps record your trips afterwards. Perhaps combine it with a logbook on paper (yes, you can still do that!)

The above and also the most advanced logbook you can have! Your positions are automatically logged and with a few key presses you log all other major events that happen on board.

Many existing GPS loggers exist that logs your position and sends via 3G to a server. You get the positions in an easy way to your logbook and you can still use the phone to enter events on the boat.

Satellite loggers are for those who sail often out of reach of 3G networks and want those not on board to know what happens even before returning to port.

(On board the smartphone works as the logbook even when not within internet coverage so satellite logger is not required)

The BoatSupervisor logs the positions like a GPS logger, but does so much more. It logs the complete environment on board and supervises the boat even when you are not on board or when the precious boat is resting over the winter season. The only catch is that it is not for sale yet... Stay tuned for more when it is released!

Perhaps you still want a backup of your logbook on paper? No problem! Our log printer attaches to the BoatSupervisor and will regularly print your position and all relevant events.

For the really technology minded or for special use such as large competitions or charter fleets it could be interesting to look at a special application developed using the programming API provided to BoatLogger.