Free and PRO version

If you just want to use the basic functionality of BoatLogger the free version will do fine, but if you want to use the full functionality or want to have the best looks for your friends, then the PRO version is better for you. The table describes the difference:

Functionality Free Pro
Create your own website for the boat
Maintain log book on the site with full functionality
Interact with other yacht owners
Maintain information and details about the boat
Use your own domain name (i.e. and point to your yacht site [1]
Configure the site and its functionality with data panes ✔ (many) ✔ (all)
Theme your yacht site completely with colors and pictures ✔ (some) ✔ (full)
Completely advertisement free
Data storage 10 MB 250 MB
Free iPhone, Android phone logger connections [2] ✔ (unlimited)
Hardware logger (SPOT, deLorme, trackers) connection
BoatSupervisor connection
Logbook printer connection
Price Free 40 USD/year

[1] The registration and payment for the domain name is done outside of BoatLogger and is not included in the fee.

[2] Only one phone can be used to log information to the logbook with the free version.