Register and configure a yacht site

Starting Out

Registering a yacht site for your boat is easy and in a matter of minutes you have a basic setup. Very likely your boat model already exists in our records and all that information is prefilled.

Just click here and start entering some basic information.


After registering a default set of 'Data Panes' will be shown on your site in a few default 'tabs'.

The 'tabs' are just placeholders for your 'data panes' to structure the site in the way you prefer. Feel free to rename them and move them around. You can also add more tabs or remove existing ones.

Data Panes

The 'data panes' are the pure magic in BoatLogger. Over 20 different 'data panes' exists and more are coming every week. Each pane displays some type of information. This can be a photo album, a plain text/html area, an overview over your log books, your actual lob books, weather, etc.

The 'data panes' are easily moved, added or removed. They can also be configured to show the data the way you want it. You can also choose who shall see the information in the data panes. Is it only for you or do you also want your friends to see it. Perhaps you even want the general public to see it.


Some like bright colors, some want it dark. Others want certain items to stand out and others want it plain. Whatever your preference for your Yacht Site is - you can choose. Predefined color schemes - or themes - are easily selected and changed in a matter of seconds.

This theming gives a lot of flexibility, but should this not be enough, then you can actually upload your own color schemes and even define your own css (for those of you who know what that is) to tweak it down to the fine details.