What should I choose?

To beforehand advice a user on what modules of BoatLogger to use is perhaps not the best. The easiest is to start out and then see what fits. Some will enjoy tracking where they've been and the key events of the trips. Others will focus more on documenting the social events around the boat. Some will love the hard core extensive logbook functionality.

For those who truly wants backups of everything and want to make sure that the logbook is accessible also during days in a life raft, a logbook printer is a good choice or perhaps the BoatLogger in combination with some key entries in a traditional logbook (but maybe the life raft should be equipped with a laminating machine to protect it)

Who is it for? What to use?
The curious BoatLogger website
Vacation cruiser BoatLogger website and smartphone App. Go PRO for more functionality.
Extensive cruiser BoatLogger PRO website and smartphone App with perhaps a GPS logger.
Long range cruiser BoatLogger PRO website and smartphone App with perhaps a satellite logger
Charter boat owner BoatLogger PRO website and with GPS logger or BoatSupervisor
Sailboat racer BoatLogger PRO website and smartphone App with a GPS logger
Commercial Shipping BoatLogger website and smartphone App with GPS logger fulfills all regulations in all to us known legislations even for a super tanker! We have no knowledge of any supertanker using it though. Want to be the first?
Optional add on Why?
BoatSupervisor For peace of mind, logging even more and for knowing what's happening also when you're not on board
Logbook Printer For double backup and ensuring the logbook is on paper
Traditional logbook They are beautiful and have worked for hundreds of years! Works well also now!