Your Social Network

BoatLogger helps you and your friends to stay in contact. They can see how it is for you and can follow your journey or vacation even without you sending post cards. If you use GPS trackers with satellite communication (i.e. deLorme inReach) then they can even track you when you are in the middle of the ocean!

Your yachting friends and you can share information on the site and in case you have Facebook or Twitter it can be integrated into your yacht site!

With the blogging functionalities, the photo albums, the normal html web possibilities and other data panes, the limits are only our imagination.

Some information you are fine if everybody can see. For this your Boatlogger site is just like any website. Maybe you show photos, yacht specs and blog information to everyone.

To your friends and family you might want to show more. They should perhaps see exactly where you are and has been, all photos and what happens on board.

There might however be some information you want to keep for yourself - perhaps the crew list and financial information?

Whatever your choice is, you are in control of who sees what!