, Yacht Sites - Overview

Your Homepage

With a few clicks a gorgeous home page is done - just for you and your boat! Virtually no computer skills are needed and you easily tailor it to your wishes and needs.

For those who have a more computer knowledge they can go 'behind the hood' and tailor it more.

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Your log book

A gorgeous looking log book on your site! Tracking where you were and how it was.

Most information from your journey is automatically logged (i.e. from a smartphone app) and you have your completed log book with no work at all!

Additional events are swiftly entered from your phone or via the website.

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Boat Information

Just by entering your brand and model, we already fill in loads of information for you. Any other information you easily add yourself.

The site can also track owner manuals, maintenance records and other items that are otherwise never there when you need them.

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Your Friends

You decide what you want to show on your site and to whom. Some information is just for you, others is for your friends and perhaps some you want to show everyone?

Also tight interaction with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Blogs - if that's what you're using.

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Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.

Robert N. Rose

Our boats are often the most cherished thing we own! Many of our best memories and experiences are had on our boats. We are proud of them and want to share with friends, family and perhaps others about our boats, equipment and experiences. Boatlogger makes that easy and in a polished way not even experienced web designers could achieve!

BoatLogger is however much more! It will keep track of your equipment and the boat in a single location and never leave you without important information again.

The information about life on board and the boat itself is then combined together with one of the most crucial functions on all boats: keeping an accurate, up to date and always accessible log book. Many cherish and others procrastinate the necessary step of going to the chart table regularly to log positions, observations and events in the log book. But can this not be made easier, more fun, safer and in a better way? For sure it can! Why do we have to manually write down things as time, position, wind etc when the electronics already know it? Boatlogger takes the log book to a completely new level!

The BoatLogger concept of automatically logging as much data as it can and letting you add the rest take the chore out of keeping a log book and makes it fun and easy!