Your homepage

At your yacht gets its own website! That's great, but what is even better is that you decide how it looks, what functions it has and even minute control on who cans see what. This is all achieved in a few minutes and without the need for any specific computer knowledge!

You automatically get an address like '', but you can also register your own address like '' if you like.

The Look

The look of the website is in your hands! Change colors, typeface or where things go. It is all your choice! There are plenty of predefined themes to use, but if none is to your liking you can modify it to the last fine details.

All content is contained in square panes that can be moved around, added or removed to your liking.


A vast amount of predefined content can be added with a click. Want a photo album here, a log book overview there or a weather data pane in that place. It is all your choice!

The content you choose to put up is also entirely your choice. Upload more pictures, link to your Facebook wall, show some facts about your yacht and we have only started to scratch the surface!

BoatLogger has at present 21 different data panes with content and functionality you can choose from and put on your site. More is coming every day.


A static homepage is not of much interest - even if it looks gorgeous. The beauty of BoatLogger is that so much is handled behind the scenes! By using the free logger applications for mobile phones or fixed GPS trackers installed on the boat, the key information for your log book is created automatically.

Loggers can also send weather data to the site to track air pressure, temperature, wind speed and other information.

Photos taken -i.e. with your mobile phone - can easily be uploaded and even tagged and shown in your log book entry for the journey.

Your twitter, Flickr, Blog or Facebook information can also be shown by BoatLogger.

Who See What

Some information you are fine if everybody can see. For this your Boatlogger site is just like any website. Maybe you show photos, yacht specs and blog information to everyone.

To your friends and family you might want to show more. They should perhaps see exactly where you are and has been, all photos and what happens on board.

There might however be some information you want to keep for yourself - perhaps the crew list and financial information?

Whatever your choice is, you are in control of who sees what!