, Race Site - Overview

Imagine organizing a yacht race and everything is handled easily online! During the race the yachts are tracked LIVE and the positions automatically calculated. After the race, the whole race can be played back and studied in detail by the participants and anyone wanting to enjoy! Social interaction with showing photos, blogs etc is also easily achieved.

However, organizing a yacht race is much more than just tracking the boats. It starts already with handling registration, payments, posting rules, informing about the race course, managing handicaps etc. BoatLogger handles all of that in an interactive way with the racers and organizers.

Leading up to the race, during the race, and after the race we also want to share photos, blog about what happens and just share our success and enjoyment! This is all handled as well.

The race course can easily be drawn on-line and all users can see the course online and in their smartphone app to study both before and during the race.

Just like the Yacht Sites, the race sites are easily configured to suit your purpose and your race! Close to 30 datapanes with various content is available to choose from and to configure the way you want.

The number of competition types that are supported is steadily growing, but as of today standard races with multiple start group and/or multiple classes is handled. Handicap can also be used. That covers 95% of all sail racing today, but for example match racing is currently not supported.