Boatlogger Overview

BoatLogger provides a range of various sites – all build on the same concept with flexible configurable data panes:
Yacht Site

The centerpiece is the logbook and there your journeys are stored in great detail.

Here you also have all information and data about your yacht, photo albums, blogs, maintenance records, manuals and much more.

All is seamlessly integrated with the smartphone apps.

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Race Site

With a Yacht Site you can sign up for races. Each race has a Race Site where the LIVE tracking, LIVE result tables, sign up, photos, rules and much more is handled.

The tracking information from the Yacht Site is used to show the LIVE tracking information.

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Regatta Site

For an organized – or also spontaneous – social regatta cruise a Regatta Site is great!

The Yacht Site information from the participants is aggregated and all yachts positions are shown LIVE. Experience sharing, photos, guest book and more are handled.

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Live information – automatically collected

Information to all sites is gathered in many ways. Whether the information comes in via a smartphone app, through the yachts electronics or through 3rd party programs and devices the result is the same: The sites are updated continuously with fresh information to show the situation LIVE.

It also makes it easy to create a gorgeous interesting site when photos taken from the phone is send directly in to the yacht site or the competition site!

Highly configurable

The content of all sites is completely configurable. Choose from close to 30 different datapanes that each provide unique information. Move the information to the place where you want it and even create grouping tabs to structure YOUR site!

The colors and look and feel is also totally up to you! Choose from readymade themes or spend some more time and create your own!