Why a log book?

Keeping an up to date log book is vital for many reasons!

In an emergency a properly maintained log book can prove invaluable! Where are we? Where were we? What is our call sign? Who were on board? Who were on shift at what time? Until the emergency hits you it is difficult to predict exactly what you will need and who is still there to extract it from the log book.
The Law
For pleasure crafts (usually if they are below 150 Gross Ton or 20m, though this depends on jurisdiction) most jurisdictions do not require a log book, but in case of legal trouble the burden of proof is considerably more difficult without a log book. The BoatLogger.com fulfills the log book requirements in all to us known jurisdictions including for commercial crafts and pleasure yachts above 20m.
A log book can prove invaluable to show to zealous custom officials where you've been and who was on board.
When did what happen? What wind was it? What harbor were we in a few days ago? When did we leave port? What sail did we use? Never be in doubt anymore!
To see the present and past progress can bring fond memories to life!
Experience is the best teacher! To use this we need to be able to connect how the situation really was with what the outcome became. The vast amount of information that is readily accessible with BoatLogger makes it easy!
In the log book

The obvious information a logbook are a few positions now and then, the major events on board and the key weather data. With BoatLogger we get much more. With smartphones or special loggers, key data such as accurate positions, speed, course, temperature, air pressure etc is automatically logged. Other information such as sail changes, watch changes, sightings, sea state etc is logged with a few key presses from a mobile phone. Today phones have built in cameras that enhance the logbook with a photo at click of a button automatically shown on the track of the logbook.