An electronic log book

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits with an electronic log book compared to a conventional log book:

  • Ease of recording
  • Detail and accuracy of recording
  • Wealth of information
  • To a large degree not susceptible to human error
  • Automatic backing up and safeguarding
  • Easy to share and control who shall see
The Question marks

The electronic logbook solves many issues with traditional log books, but it can also potentially introduce new problems:

  • The phone with the app can be lost overboard or break. This can happen and that's why the data is constantly pushed to the website so that computers, other smartphones etc can be used as backup. A traditional logbook can also be lost, but what happens then?
  • Electronics can break or run out of battery. This is also true, but the scenario is the same as in the previous bullet point.
  • Everyone knows how to read a book, but what about using the applications/website for the BoatLogger logbook in case the Captain is not available? We never go to sea without more than one crew member knowing how to operate the boat and handle emergency situations. If the log book is crucial to you, the same should apply here.