About BoatLOGGER

Apart from ensuring your boats log book is properly done, BoatLogger makes experience sharing with friends, family and others about your boat, your journeys and experiences easy and more polished than any experienced web designers could achieve! BoatLogger is however much more! It will keep track of your equipment and the boat in a single place and track your whereabouts without you lifting a finger.

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Yacht Search

The BoatLOGGER concept

By using an app on your smartphone your journey is constantly recorded and send to the website. Other optional sensors integrate with your boat to know even more! This is all combined to an ecosystem where the key features are:

Log book
A more convenient and much more detailed version of your traditional log
A gorgeous highly configurable personal homepage featuring your yacht and your life on board
Boat Info
All information about your boat – in one place
Your social network and if you so want it connects to Facebook, Twitter etc.
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