BoatLOGGER Concept

By using an app on your smartphone your journey is constantly recorded and send to the website. Other optional sensors integrate with your boat to know even more!

The information is send to your ‘yacht site’ where you have a logbook showing all your journeys, where you’ve been and what has happened. You can also show photo albums, blogs, weather forecasts, guest books, maintenance records and much more!

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Live Tracking Flotilla and Race Site

When you have a yacht site, you can participate in Flotillas and Yacht Races! Flotilla and Race sites are similar to Yacht Sites, but they show aggregated information from the participants Yacht Sites. A Race/Flotilla site has its own blogs, photo albums, result tables etc. Examples:

LIVE tracking
During a race/flotilla the location of all yachts and where they’ve been is shown live on the site
LIVE Results
The standings are shown in the race is calculated and shown live
Photos and comments from participants is discussed and shown on the site
Signing up, payments, communication etc can all be handled by the Race/Flotilla site.